The Australian Pen, volume 2


Since humankind was able to imagine, stories about the future both immediate and far-reaching have been passed on. We ask ourselves:
Will we, as a species, be able to overcome our differences and work together?
Will planet Earth be salvaged or abandoned?
Will we be able to connect with other humans in a digital age?
Will we be able to recognise ourselves and our society in twenty years' time? How about in fifty or a hundred?


Find out what twenty Australian authors have imagined and be intrigued by the differences - and similarities - they have in store for humankind.


Futurevision will officially launch at the North Lakes Library on Saturday September 9, 2017 at 1 pm. The launch event is free and will be catered with afternoon tea. Tickets are limited and the library takes bookings closer to the date. Check back here or follow the Facebook page to find out when you can book your seat.


Twenty stories have found their way into the pages of Futurevision. Cycle through the preview for the stories with their date, tagline and extract.


  • Futurevision is currently undergoing an editing process. Stories are being proofed and emailed to the authors for a final check.
  • The interior of the anthology is ready for stories to be dropped in. There are two Contents pages - one which outlines the story order by date, and the other outlines the story order by pace and flow.
  • The cover of the anthology has been decided upon. It will be finalised in the coming months.
  • Banners for the short stories have been designed and will appear on the 1231 Publishing Facebook page. Banners can be previewed on this page above the sample stories.
  • Costings are already in place and the anthology will be available to buy for $10 from the authors (or publisher). Bulk sales from the publisher will be available online.
  • Pre-sales for the paperback and e-book will be available around June/July for those unable to attend the Brisbane launch.