1231 Publishing is Delia Strange, who has circled the printing and publishing industries for over two decades. With a diploma in marketing almost complete but more interested in the psychology of advertising, brand creation and consumer behaviour, she left before completing her studies, knowing a career in marketing wasn't for her.

Initially working as a humble office clerk in a book printing company -- Watson Ferguson & Co -- she was fascinated by the process of book printing. Digital press was still in its infancy and so Delia learned about plates, indigo presses and large binding machines. Nowadays the process is incredibly simpler but the experience remains. She moved next door to work as a Publishing Assistant at Boolarong Press, an assistance publisher and an extension of the Watson Ferguson & Co. printing company. It was a two person business so Delia dealt with the office and warehouse, and spoke with customers, typesetters, cover designers, editors, booksellers, distributors and everyone in between.

After leaving Boolarong Press and moving northside of Brisbane, Delia found work in the graphics side of publishing, landing a job in a magazine publishing business and skilling up in graphic and web design. She made the leap as an in-house web-designer for a large retailer but left just before the need for a database-driven website needed designing. Since then, she has lost her ability to code but still has an eye for art and an understanding of promotional design, which she uses towards the creation of book covers. With this range of skills gleaned from a variety of positions in and around the industry, plus workshops and courses in both marketing, writing, software and e-book creation, this gives Delia the opportunity to work in a field she adores and can hire her skills out at a price that many independently published writers will be able to afford. She is currently investigating an editor's course, but can only manage it if she sacrifices sleep!

You can contact Delia by email: or by regular mail:
Delia Strange, 1231 Publishing, PO Box 77, Kallangur QLD 4503, Australia.