Axiom: Wanderer of Worlds 1


Axiom: Wanderer of Worlds 1


What if instead of one world, there are  many?
What if you were born with the ability to effortlessly travel between the worlds?
If the cost of travelling meant an assassin would come after you but there was only misery for you in the world you’re in... would you risk leaving?

Daeson of Cloverlea is forced out of his home and lured out of his world. He finds himself in the city of Gredann and is drawn into an ambush between Authorities and criminals. With an ability to tell when a person is lying, how does this help him now?

Synjan Walker is a fixer, solving the problems that crop up in the criminal underbelly of Gredann. She is strong-minded, capable and loyal to a fault. If the Authorities ever manage to arrest her for her crimes, she wouldn’t go to prison but to a laboratory. She is a Wanderer Navigator and the Authorities would love to get their hands on her blood.

Hawke Aron of Donovan Court is destined for a mundane noble existence but his desire to rebel puts him in the sights of a rogue group of Wanderers. Torn from his home, he discovers that he has Wanderer blood too. By the time he learns to control his power, he is at the mercy of a more ruthless enemy.

The Authorities are an organisation that spans multiple worlds. Their long reach and ruthless view of Wanderers mean that anybody with a drop of Wanderer blood is at risk of being captured... or assassinated.

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